Marche - land of suspended places

Imagine a past time when knights and ladies, fishermen and sharecroppers lived in the ancient places of our land, with the same pride and the same passion with which we cultivate our wines today.
A land made up of artists, artisans, laborers and peasants, and philanthropists who have been able to enhance their contents.
We have always distinguished ourselves for that "know-how" fruit of history, of tradition, of the repetition of the same actions, gesture after gesture, year after year, century after century, from father to son, from master to pupil, from generation to generation, up to the present day, knowing, adjusting and refining the merit.

The quality of Pisaurum wines marries a young, environmentally friendly, beautiful format that can also be served. Perfect to be enjoyed in the company or as an alternative to the bottle, for those who love a wine that is always fresh to be tapped.