Vino Spumante Brut Metodo Martinotti Passerina

It is not only a pun or a coincidence if, to this sparkling wine from passerine grapes, we wanted to give the name "Passarina": this is in fact what we call, in local dialect, a woman of great charm and beauty.
This sparkling wine comes from grapes harvested in the vineyard early by hand, then the fermentation is made in large vats according to the Martinotti Method. Its particularity is evident in its straw-yellow color, its fine and persistent bubble and its delicate bouquet with scents of white flowers. On the palate you will be captivated by the elegant notes of white fruit that are tied to pleasant citrus nuances.

Brut sparkling white wine Martinotti Method
Delicate bouquet with scents of white flowers; delicate and elegant notes of white fruit are linked to pleasant citrus nuances
Fresh on the palate, balanced, elegant with a good persistence
In a fute glass of medium height, at 8°