Don Bartolo
Colli Pesaresi Doc Parco Naturale San Bartolo Cabernet Sauvignon

The Colli Pesaresi Doc parco naturale Monte San Bartolo Cabernet Sauvignon bears the name of the tenacious and obscure tutor of the beautiful Rosina in Il Barbiere di Siviglia. A strong and determined character that is well associated with cabernet sauvignon, a wine with an intense color, powerful and austere.
The vine is cultivated on the hill of the parco naturale del Monte San Bartolo that overlooks the sea, in favorable soil and climatic conditions that give it the characteristics of a structured wine with a deep ruby red color.
On the nose it recalls ripe red fruits and vegetal notes of tomato leaf, to the taste it is sapid, soft and warm. It goes perfectly with flavored meat and game dishes

Still red wine
Cabernet sauvignon
Ripe red fruit and vegetal notes of tomato leaf
Sapid, soft, warm
In large glass for red wines, at 16 ° C