Colli Pesaresi Doc Bianco

The Colli Pesaresi Doc Bianco is dedicated to Falliero, one of the most romantic characters in Rossini's works, who resolutely and tenaciously faces obstacles and adversities moved by his love for Bianca.
The selection and cold processing of Trebbiano Toscano grapes, the local Albanella, grown in the northern hills of the province of Pesaro, allow to obtain a strong wine, with a fruity and slightly vegetal aroma, with hints of white flowers and fresh taste, savory and dry.
It goes very well with tasty fish dishes, white meats and typical fresh cheeses such as Casciotta di Urbino.

Still white wine
Trebbiano toscano locally called Albanella
Strong hints of white flowers give way to fruity sensations of pome fruit and a slightly vegetal finish
Fresh sapid dry
In medium-sized glasses for white wines, at 10 ° C